Andrea – Maths for Parents

“I wish this support was available to my parents when I was a child.”

Andrea wanted to feel more confident when helping her 12-year-old son with his Maths homework. She wanted to learn tools and strategies so that she could effectively support her son and not confuse him.

Now that she has boosted her confidence at the free Multiply ‘Maths for Parents’ workshops, Andrea is no longer frantic over fractions, anxious about algebra or confused by the calculations.

Multiply can support parents with KS2 & KS3 Maths through to GCSE. Andrea’s sessions were tailored around her needs so that she could go through the current homework problems that her son was experiencing.

Andrea explained: “Multiply has highlighted the importance of making fun activities and games out of numbers and specifically related it to the subject of football which keeps my son better engaged.

“I am a lot more confident and fluent with being able to explain Maths methods to my son”.

To sum up, Andrea said: “I could not recommend this programme highly enough and actively encourage everyone to experience a Multiply taster session.”

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