From Maths-Struggling Student to Dedicated Maths Teacher

Meet Alison who transformed her Maths challenges into teaching triumphs and now teaches Functional Skills maths at Truro and Penwith College. 

Alison relocated to Cornwall eight years ago where she discovered her passion for Cornish Pilot Gig rowing, competing in the World Championships and proudly representing Cornwall in the County Championships.  

Alison had always aspired to become a teacher, a career that required Maths and English qualifications. She dedicated 15 years to teaching BTEC Sport Science, a role that encompassed teaching these core subjects, however, an injury led her to switch to exclusively teaching Maths and English to full-time Further Education (FE) learners.   

Today, she teaches on apprenticeship programs and delivers part-time Maths and English Functional Skills courses at Truro and Penwith College. Surprisingly, when asked about her proficiency in maths, Alison humbly admitted that she didn’t excel in the subject during her school years sharing “School was a struggle, as it is for many people.”  

Alison’s mathematical struggles have taught her that finding the right method is the key to unlocking your understanding and confidence. She emphasises that there are various learning approaches, including face-to-face instruction, online study, workbooks and videos. She adds “there are lots of different strategies to help us understand maths and often many topics link together.”  

Alison firmly believes that improving maths confidence is essential because maths skills are used in daily life. Having the self-assurance to tackle maths can significantly boost your self-esteem and open doors to numerous opportunities. Alison’s determination to conquer her maths difficulties provided her with valuable transferable skills and knowledge which she now uses effectively in her teaching.   

For those struggling with maths and lacking confidence, Alison has a straightforward message: “Don’t be afraid of maths; it can’t bite! Make a start and give it a go. You will be surprised by what you can achieve.”   

If your maths confidence could use a boost, or maybe you too dream of becoming a teacher, the Multiply team at Future Skills Institute are here to help with your lifelong learning. 

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