How can Multiply help you?

When we ask people “Would you like to improve your maths skills?” we are often met with responses such as “Not really”, “Nah, you’re alright thanks” or “I’ve managed alright so far, I don’t need it”. 

But in reality, this is probably because maths is a bit of an avoided topic. Many adults have had a bad experience of maths which causes anxiety, fear and evasion. This disdain ripples over to our children who are forced to study the subject until they achieve a qualification or complete their education. It is easily unnoticed that maths is at the heart of many things with several jobs and courses requiring a certain level of mathematical ability.

Many of us in education shy away from the “M” word worrying that it will scare you off. We are here to demystify the language of maths as we are passionate about passing on knowledge through teaching and creating innovative ways of doing this by making it plain and simple showing the links to real life. We want to empower people to banish maths anxiety and feel confident to support their children through their mathematical journey but also go one themselves.

The beauty of how we are delivering the Multiply offer is that we can design workshops, sessions and courses to meet your needs.

Although we have some sessions scheduled, we would love to hear from you about where you would like us to deliver sessions and what you would like us to cover. Whether you are an employer, a parent or just want to increase your maths confidence in a friendly relaxing atmosphere, your ideas are important to us!

We would be extremely grateful if you would complete our short quiz so that we can find out how Multiply could help you. Please feel free to share with friends and family.

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