Number Natter Prize Draw

🏆 The winners of our Number Natter Prize Draw have been drawn  

We had some fantastic responses from those taking part with you noticing a range of mathematical patterns including prime numbers, multiples and factors, square numbers and cubed numbers.

Frank noticed that orange represents a multiple of 2, green is a multiple of 3 and blue is a multiple of 5 whilst Harry further went on to explain in his answer that “the numbers are a product of the factors represented by the colour. E.g. 15 is 5 x 3 which is why it is bordered by blue (5) and green (3).” Faith correctly identified that “the numbers in red don’t have any factors” and Courtney extended this thinking by pointing out that “Prime numbers are shown as 1 solid colour”.

There were several answers to this challenge: the aim was to get you talking about maths and find out what mathematical language you were using. 

Lisa Briscoe (Head of Student Experience) and Hayley McKinstry (Director or Partnerships and Apprenticeships) kindly stepped in for our Principal, Martin Tucker, to draw the winners of our Multiply Number Natter.

The winners were:

🥇 Courtney Stembridge
🥈 Chloe Scott
🥉 Richard Morgans

They each won a Multiply cotton tote bag containing a helix maths kit, a calculator, Multiply pen, pencil, rubber and tape measure.

Our first prize winner, Courtney, also won a £100 voucher to be redeemed against one of our Part Time Courses and £30 to spend in Spires Restaurant at Truro College.

When presented with her prize Courtney said “This is amazing, thank you. I never win anything! There’s always patterns in real life so being able to take part and spot them is such an accomplishing feeling.”

After discussing the Multiply project with her she went on to say “There are so many people who don’t have maths skills these days. I think what you [Multiply] are doing is really important to help people improve their maths and boost their confidence.”

Chloe, our second prize winner, scooped a £50 Part Time Courses Voucher, £30 to spend in Senara Restaurant at Penwith College.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part and well done to our winners!

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