Ready to Pursue a GCSE in Maths, thanks to Multiply!

“I now have a better understanding of some of the maths topics that were once very daunting.”

Taor’s perception of maths went from fear to enjoyment thanks to Angie and Asun’s supportive teaching approach through the Multiply Project. She now feels prepared to tackle a GCSE Maths course with optimism.

Taor’s journey with Multiply began with a fortuitous encounter at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth, where she signed up for a Money Management session. Intrigued by the prospect of improving her mathematical skills, Taor subsequently engaged with Multiply through the Refresh course and Number Natter sessions at Truro and Penwith College. Her ultimate goal? To conquer her fear of mathematics and prepare for a GCSE Maths course.

Before her involvement with Multiply, Taor admits to feeling overwhelmed by numbers, often attributing this to what she described as ‘math dyslexia.’ The sight of numbers on a sheet would cause her significant stress, making her feel extremely overwhelmed. Encouraged by Angie, whom she met during the Money Management session, Taor decided to explore the resources offered by Multiply. She aimed not only to refresh her own understanding of mathematics but also to empower herself to assist her daughter with future homework challenges.

During the Multiply courses at Truro and Penwith College, Taor engaged in various mathematical topics, including ratio, division, multiplication, fractions, decimals, formulas, percentages and pie charts. By the end of the course, she felt significantly more confident in her mathematical abilities. She credited her newfound confidence to the excellent teaching methods of Angie and Asun, who simplified tricky concepts and tailored their teaching to her pace.

When asked about the impact of Multiply on her confidence, Taor enthusiastically reported a significant improvement. She now feels equipped to pursue her GCSE in Mathematics with optimism. Looking ahead, she anticipates taking the exam in 2025, which will serve as the ultimate test of her newly acquired skills.

Taor highly recommends Multiply courses, particularly for those who struggled with maths at school. Noting the significant impact these courses have had she remarked, “The help from Multiply has made me much more confident with maths. I now have a better understanding of some of the topics that were once very daunting.”

Taor also praised the invaluable support and teaching style of Angie and Asun, urging others to benefit from the Refresh course and Number Natter sessions.

By addressing individual learning challenges and fostering a supportive environment, the Multiply programme has enabled Taor to overcome her mathematical insecurities and embark on a path towards academic achievement and personal growth.

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