Warm Welcome received at our first Mobile Maths Pop Up

Angie and Becky joined the Warm Welcome at Malabar Community Centre today for our first “Mobile Maths” pop up.

We had a wonderful afternoon meeting members of the community and introducing the College’s Multiply Project. Attendees were keen to share with us their feelings and struggles with maths. This gave us the opportunity to really find out what the community needs and discuss how the project could help to increase confidence to access maths workshops.

We reached out to Damien Richards, Community Development Officer for Truro City Council, who arranged for us to visit the Community Centre and set up a stand during their Warm Welcome and Food Club sessions.

Damien secured funding for the Warm Welcome to help members of the community reduce energy usage at home by providing a warm community space with plenty of banter, laughter and mutual support for each other. None of this would be possible without the continued support and endeavours of Lesley Goodman and Cllr Richard Hall who lead the community association (NBCA) and manage the centre (and lots of other things).

Malabar Community Centre is also host to a Food Club, where there are surplus foods available from local supermarkets, the CHAOS Group and supporting farms.

We look forward to sharing news about future planned workshops

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