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These are supportive courses designed to give you a better understanding of day to day mathematical situations and build your confidence with everyday maths problems.

The ‘Multiply’ programme aims to help people improve their ability to understand and use maths in daily life, home, and work.

Come along to meet the Multiply team and join us for a cuppa to find out how we can help support you.

Our Number Natter sessions are for anyone, whatever your level, whatever your experience. We’re flipping the script on the age-old stigma surrounding maths, ready to reveal the hidden maths whiz within you. You’ll soon realise that you use maths every day and are probably much better at it than you give yourself credit for.

It’s time to break free from the fear and loathing!


Topics Covered

What is a gigabyte? Is it bigger or smaller than a KB?

How many zeros in a trillion? Does a zillion really exist?

This workshop will give you the answers, and more, as you take a look at the worldwide language of our number system.

Old and New and It’s about Time

How tall are you? Did you answer in feet and inches?

Would you order a litre of beer from the bar? What’s the difference between digital and analogue?

This workshop will look at the language and tools of measurement including old ways and new ways to measure and useful estimates.

Are chances the same as odds? Is it all or nothing?

Can you explain the chances as odds? Can you talk the maths of chance?

This session will help you discover the answers as you find out more about probability and how we use it.

Do calculators make you lazy?

Can you work out if the deal really is a special offer?

Do you practise mental maths when shopping?

What is a unit price?

This workshop will help you shop and interpret the best deals, calculate the price per unit and take a look at rounding, estimating and how the rule of three works.

How much do I earn an hour? What is APR?

Can you calculate VAT? Can you read your electricity bill?

This workshop will raise a wide range of important questions about managing your finances, from how the lifestyle you choose commits you to the fixed and variable costs you must pay each month, to how you make financial choices or respond to unexpected events.

You would be surprised how often mathematical skills are involved with taking a holiday. From booking the trip, predicting the weather, cruising the skies to exploring unfamiliar surroundings, maths is everywhere!

This session explores:

  • Selecting the right information and spotting irrelevant information
  • Comparing information from tables, simple charts and graphs
  • Averages and Temperature
  • Time zones

Can you spot a bargain?

Best buy problems involve looking at different offers and identifying which offer presents the best value for money. Learn different methods to ensure you get the best deal

This session explores:

  • Unitary method – this involves calculating the price per unit for each item.
  • Common multiples – here we find a common multiple of the number of units we have and use this make comparisons.
  • Shop deals – we interpret deals such as 3 for 2’, ‘buy one get one free’, plus fractions and percentages.
  • Exchange rates – if the prices are in different currencies, we convert them to the same currency to compare them.

Can you measure up?

Measurement problems from DIY projects to counting calories include shape and measurement. Sharpen your skills and gain the confidence to do it yourself.

This session explores:

  • Old ways and new ways to measure – including useful estimates
  • Measuring for a purpose – patio or paint
  • Shapes and Space – will it fit there?
  • Everyday practical tools to use

Understanding financial deals and checking your pay is easier than it sounds. Do you read the small print?

This jargon buster workshop aims to make it simpler. It will explain typical financial words plus give you more confidence with financial calculations.

This session explores:

  • Salary calculations – add, subtract, multiply or divide
  • Tax and national insurance deductions – percentages
  • Financial Jargon – what does it all mean?
  • Easy Financial Formula – swap letters for numbers

Let’s stop the fear and dislike of maths before it has even begun. These sessions will help take the fear and dislike of maths before it has even begun. We will explore ways that you can make maths fun and how you can promote a positive maths mindset.

Sessions to include:

  • Understanding and overcoming Maths anxiety
  • Maths games to play with your children 
  • Making maths fun
  • Free resources to use at home
  • Strategies to teach your children

We will introduce you to a selection of free resources and ideas that are available for you to try at home and explore typical exam questions from SATS to GCSE.

Please drop-in to a session or contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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